Agent Provocateur Fatale (أو دي بارفيوم) بخاخ رذاذ By Agent Provocateur

158.90 $ 36.80 $

Agent Provocateur Fatale عطر by Agent Provocateur, Let your presence be known by completing your evening ensemble with a few بخاخ رذاذs of agent provocateur fatale fragrance نسائي. Introduced in 2014, this composition by jean-marc chaillan takes you on an exciting journey, as this scent opens up with notes of pink pepper, mango and black currant. Perfect for fueling the seductress within you, this elixir embraces you with sweet notes of creamy gardenia at the heart, while essences of fresh patchouli trails to a velvety base.

  • 158.90 $ 36.80 $

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