Armaf Skin Couture Gold (أو دي تواليت) بخاخ رذاذ By Armaf

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Armaf Skin Couture Gold عطر by Armaf, Classified as a woody floral musk fragrance رجالي, armaf skin couture gold by armaf is masculine, warm, and spicy. Top notes of aromatic cardamom, cedar needles, dewy rosemary, and tart grapefruit bring the spice to the front, while middle notes of rich ylang-ylang, creamy tuberose, and resinous olibanum (frankincense) sweeten the scent with florals. The base notes of austere cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver bring the solidity and warmth of the woods to finish the luxurious fragrance.

  • 0 $ 24.74 $

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