Designer Imposters Confess Deodorant Body بخاخ رذاذ By Parfums De Coeur

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Designer Imposters Confess عطر by Parfums De Coeur, Famed parfums de coeur scent design house presents designer imposters confess, a spot-on reproduction of the popular obsession fragrance. Featuring a mix of earthy basil and green notes, fruity mandarin and bergamot tones and a floral jasmine quality, this women's scent is a tantalizing bouquet of exotic scents that is ideal for day-to-evening wear. بخاخ رذاذ it on with your power business suit to win everyone over with your fierce sense of style, or dab it on before going out to envelop yourself in an air of intrigue.

  • 0 $ 5.85 $

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