100 Bon Nagaranga & Santal Citronne Concentree De Parfum بخاخ رذاذ (للجنسين Refillable) By 100 Bon

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100 Bon Nagaranga & Santal Citronne عطر by 100 Bon, رجالي ready to make their mark and exude fresh confidence, look no further than 100 bon nagaranga & santal citronne by 100 bon. Released in 2017, this balanced عطر captures the softer side of masculinity while still evoking one’s inner strength and boldness. A fresh opening of lemon, orange, cardamom and grapefruit creates an intoxicating zestiness that is warmed with a seductive heart of pink pepper, floral notes, cedar and patchouli.

  • 0 $ 46.83 $

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